Raicilla Malpaso is a small batch agave spirit crafted from sustainable, hand-harvested Maximiliana Agaves in Jalisco, Mexico. We’re dedicated to making an environmentally and economically sustainable, all natural, product that’s crafted to give way to the unforeseen.

Crafted by hands with three generations of know-how, Malpaso is fermented with native yeasts in clay amphoras, double-distilled in copper, and hand bottled on the coast, near Playa Malpaso, in Nayarit, Mexico to offer a wild & pure 45% ABV spirit brightly layered with citrus, stone fruit, and a hint of vanilla.

Agave forward, sweet, herbaceous, and not too smoky, drink Raicilla Malpaso neat, as it is traditionally consumed, or accompanied by a slice of citrus and worm salt.


La Estancia de Landeros


Maximiliana agave(commonly
known as Lechuguilla)

Age of Agave

6-10 years (when fully ripe)

Production Notes

  • Roasted in above ground adobe clay ovens

  • Fermented in clay amphoras with natural yeast for 12-18 days

  • Filtered spring water

  • Double-distilled in copper pot still

  • Distilled to proof (no water added)

  • 45% ABV / 90 Proof